Tyler White, RealAtom's head of sales &TJ Randall Loan Officer at W Financial new podcast.

"W - Financial is a direct bridge lender based out of New York and we've been around for about 20 years, and we really value our word in our reputation." by TJ Randall

Tyler White, RealAtom's head of sales & Michael Samuels Vice President at Flushing Bank new podcast: we're small enough that everybody remembers the name of Flushing Bank but we're also large enough that we can compete with all the other big regional banks in our marketplace.

Yulia Yaani, CEO of RealAtom. Would like to introduce to you this week's awesome podcast with Ira Zlotowitz, a President of Eastern Union, one of the most known CRE brokerages.

Survival Of The Fittest Fintech. From digital meetings to contactless banking, there is hardly any aspect of business that has not seen an unparalleled evolution because of the pandemic.
Companies that proactively embrace digital efficiencies can serve their customers better than ever before, while those who don’t fall behind.

Tyler White, RealAtom's head of sales & John Chung, SVP at Hanmi Bank new podcast: What is Hanmi Bank? Who can be a customer?

How the digitization of commercial lending enhances the process for buyers and sellers and ultimately paved the way for the future of commercial real estate loans

Yulia Yaani, CEO of RealAtom new podcast with Eric Flohr, Senior Vice President, Transformation at Berkadia.

Story of Berkadia's silver bullet for CRE markets and how to say "Yes" to innovations when you work for a large corporation.


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May 6, 2021

SBA seven (a) loans

A new lender podcast featuring another RealAtom customer - Celtic Bank

Celtic Bank is one of the top SBA lenders. Yet, Celtic is a little different from most traditional banks. They are a branchless bank, processing, and underwriting loan applications completely online. This works in the client's favor because the Celtic Bank SBA loan process goes faster. More is in the podcast.

Yulia Yaani, CEO of RealAtom new podcast with Bryan Doyle of CBRE. Bryan helps run operations and technology for CBRE capital markets business, and oversees the integrated digital marketing and inside sales team.

Empower the Borrower! How the CBRE agency lending team makes the loan application process faster, better, cheaper. And still keeps it personal!

Almost 3000 CRE lenders have used the RealAtom platform to streamline loan origination. We are starting a new podcast series to present our lenders to the industry. The first podcast is with RodeoLending and what is great about them besides being a valued RealAtom customer?

They have their own institutionally raised fund. It’s called the WestBridge lending fund. So everything’s done in-house. It’s their money, it’s their own decisions. It’s their underwriting. They hold onto their debt, which is very important. So because they are issuing debt and holding what they doing is they are structuring loans that are a win-win situation.

Yulia Yaani, CEO of RealAtom & Jeff Roberts, Founder of Innovation Vista, former CIO of HFF:

Why a Chief Innovation Officer of one of the largest brokerages in commercial real estate thinks that technology really could help win more business. And how to works with his belief that in real estate finance and brokerage, it's all about information.

Dark Knight of the CRE mortgage industry

Secrets of better, faster, and more effective commercial real estate lending as discussed 

Do the new podcast series discuss Why do most commercial real estate lenders close less than 3% of what they look at? And how to get that hit ratio over 10% through a predictable automated process.

The mystery of why life insurance companies get sold or life insurance companies sell their CRE mortgage book. Last, how to double your loan volume every year


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